Men In Blue Cricket Club

Regional Association: East Kanto

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The Men In Blue Cricket Club, based in Tokyo, Japan, is a remarkable Cricket Club with a unique and inclusive approach to the game of cricket. Founded on the principle of providing a platform for cricket enthusiasts to come together and enjoy the sport during their weekends, the club has managed to transcend the boundaries of traditional cricket and extend its reach to the wider community, including kids and women. Here are a few aspects worth highlighting about our club:

1) Inclusive Approach: The Men In Blue Cricket Club is inclusive and open to all cricket-loving individuals. It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced cricketer or a beginner; the club welcomes anyone with a passion for the game. This approach fosters a sense of community and belonging among its members.
2) Weekend Cricket: The club’s primary focus is on organizing cricket games during the weekends. This schedule is particularly accommodating for working professionals and those with busy weekday schedules. It provides an opportunity for people to unwind, exercise, and socialize through the game they love.
3) Promoting Cricket: The club’s mission goes beyond just playing cricket. They are dedicated to promoting the sport within the local community. This includes organizing events like Tokyo Premier League and Ayushman Bharat Cup to introduce cricket to a wider audience, along with children and women. By doing so, they contribute to the growth of the sport in Japan.
4) Community Building: The Men In Blue Cricket Club serves as a hub for building strong social connections and friendships. It provides a space for like-minded individuals to come together, share experiences, and develop lasting relationships, thereby creating a vibrant and supportive community.
5) Cultural Exchange: Being in Japan, the club likely fosters cultural exchange as cricket is not traditionally a popular sport in the country. Through their activities, they might be bridging cultural gaps and promoting international understanding and unity.
6) Positive Impact: By offering a place for people to enjoy cricket, especially those who may not have had easy access to the sport, the club contributes to the physical and mental well-being of its members. Playing sports can be a great stress reliever and offers health benefits.

In summary, the Men In Blue Cricket Club in Tokyo, Japan, is not only providing a platform for cricket enthusiasts to come together for weekend games but also actively contributing to the promotion of cricket within the community. Their inclusive and community-focused approach is a commendable way to bring people together through the love of the game and extend the benefits of sports to a broader audience.

We have JCL Division 1, JCL Division 2, JCL Division 3, East Kanto T20 Div1 team, East Kanto T20 Div2Team and U/19 , U/15, U/12 along with Women team playing all kind of cricket format under Japan Cricket Association. We play for fun.