Play Cricket

Play Cricket

How you can enjoy Cricket in Japan!

To enjoy Cricket in Japan, try the following!

  • Play Cricket
  • Teach Cricket
  • Watch Cricket / Attend an Event
  • Help run a League, Tournament, or Event
  • Support Cricket

Play Cricket

Cricket is a sport that you can enjoy regardless of your age or ability. Find your place to enjoy this great sport!
For Elementary School children (6-12 year olds), try the Cricket Blast Series. There are age group leagues and tournaments for anyone above this age, such as U15/Junior High School, U19/High School, University and Senior Leagues etc. Not all regions have age group leagues/tournaments but most clubs welcome anyone regardless of their age or ability.

  • Register for a Cricket Blast Series!
    The Cricket Blast Programme is designed to provide children at Elementary School (U12) with a Fun and International experience that they enjoy with their Family while developing motor/cricket Skills. The Cricket Blast Series, full of action and games, is held every month between April and October in Sano, Akishima, and Kaizuka. It is a great way to enjoy a healthy lifestyle, develop skills and make friends for anyone trying Cricket for the first time or experienced players. Please see the Cricket Blast website for more!
  • Give CrickeTRY a Try ! A one day tournament held in Omiya is perfect for beginners ! Neither experience  nor equipment needed. This is great for your social activity.
  • For females, we have the J-BASH, a program launched in 2019 to bring more ladies into the game. Just like CrickeTry, it is perfect for beginners and neither experience  nor equipment needed if it is your first time. There are experiences for players of all levels though, and you can read all about it here
  • Find a Club that fits you!To find a club for your age group and region, please go to: Find a local Club. If you can’t find a club in your region in your age group, please contact your local Regional Association for assistance.



Teach Cricket

Cricket is a very simple game to teach. We have developed the Cricket Blast Programme that consists of fun games that you can use at school or in your communities to enjoy a sport or to teach basic motor skills. The Teacher Manual and the corresponding Video resources are free. Please feel free to contact us for any assistance.

Watch Cricket / Attend an Event

P1050282If you would like to watch a match or find an event that you can enjoy, please see Leagues and Tournaments or the Event Calendar. The best matches to watch are International matches and the Japan Premier League. The Cricket will be entertaining and you will be able to watch the best players in Japan play.

Please contact your local Regional Association if you can not find a suitable match/event to attend.

Help run a League, Tournament, or Event

The JCA and the Regional Associations are always looking for help. Please contact the JCA or your local Regional Association, if you are interested in planning, running, umpiring, or scoring any Leagues, Tournaments or Events.

Support Cricket

IMG_2222_RThe JCA and the Regional Associations are not-for-profit organisations who rely on the support of many individuals and organisations. There are many ways to support us. Donations, Sponsorship, Value in Kind support are greatly appreciated. You can even support by placing a drink vending machine on an unused corner of your property!

Supporting Cricket is an important way you can give back to the community. It is also an opportunity to get involved in a fun and exciting sport for you or your company. Please contact us if there is anyway you can support.