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J-BASH Structure 2024

  • 2021-03-04
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As the weather gets warmer, we are excited to announce our plans for the latest edition of the J-BASH, which will enter its sixth year in 2024.

This year the J-BASH will have three distinct levels as outlined below; anyone wishing to take part should keep their eyes open for more announcements about dates and venues.

All J-BASH Events are free to attend.

J-BASH Social and Hardball Session – Teams and Individuals welcome

For beginners, the social days will be fun, friendly and easy to join for any player of any age who is able to hold a bat and throw a ball! These days will include opportunities to learn the basics of cricket with simple training, and then game opportunities at the end.

Those who wish to play more games but are not quite ready to play hard ball cricket yet, can also be catered for if there are enough others who want to play matches.

Events will be held at the British School Tokyo facility in Kawasaki, the Edogawa Sport Ground, as well as the Sano International Cricket Ground in Tochigi and will not last more than two hours. The clubhouse will also be available for socialising before and after the events. Most importantly however, these days are fun!

For anyone wanting to level up or experience training with a hardball, the coaches will help guide beginners to their first hardball experience such as batting, bowling, and fielding in order to get them ready for the Challenge League competition. Experienced players are welcome to come and train during this time under the guidance of our coaches too. 

At this stage there are five J-BASH Social and Hardball Days planned for 2024!

J-BASH Challenge League – Teams playing 6-over matches

It’s an opportunity for beginners and intermediate cricketers to play hardball cricket in a friendly environment.

The teams will be 6-players per side playing 6-over matches across 4 separate days. Each player will get to experience wearing the full equipment with modified game rules to encourage equal participation.

These days will be held in Kawasaki and Sano.

This year, there will be a winner for each day as well as an overall winner.

We hope teams will play all four days across the season and compete at the end to be the Champions!

J-BASH All-Stars – Domestic Elite Players, T20

This is the highest level of domestic cricket for females in Japan. Matches are 20 overs and designed to provide an opportunity for players in and around the Japan National Squad to compete against each other in a competitive environment. Players will also have an opportunity to play most games on turf.

It is also hoped that former national squad representatives can return to feature in these days to provide their experience and expertise to the younger group of Japan National Representatives. These matches will also be mostly live streamed on the JCA YouTube Channel.

For any questions about the J-BASH events please contact either Alan Curr ( or Elena Kusuda ( who will both be happy to answer questions for you.

The full schedules will be announced soon, so watch this space!


Women’s Japan Premier League (WJPL) – Elite players, T10 + T20

The WJPL is back again for 2024.

This is an elite turf playing opportunity for female players to inspire the next generation of players and fans. With the two teams mainly full of domestic Japanese cricketers, 4 – 6 international players are introduced to the teams to create a fiery competitive tournament. Friends turn to opponents as we face off to become the champions!

All matches will be held at the Sano International Cricket Ground from May 14 – 19th and will be livestreamed on the JCA Youtube Channel.

Will the Waves roll through the Eagles again or will they soar above the tide? Come support us and find out who the champions are for 2024!!