Frequently Asked Questions

 Q. I can’t register and do not know why.

Please check the list below.

  • Please enter the user name using English letters or numbers only.
  • Please check that your email address is entered correctly.
  • Have you registered before? You can not register twice. If you have forgotten your password, please reset your password here. If you still are not able to access your account, please contact the JCA.
  • If the team you want to register with does not appear in the menu, please contact the JCA.

Q. How much is the annual JCA player registration fee?

The annual fee for senior players is ¥2000. For junior players aged under 18 as of April 1st (high school students or younger) the annual fee is ¥1000.

The annual fee will be payable in XX month each year.

Q. My team registration has not been approved yet.

Team registrations are approved by club administrators. If, after an extended period of time, your registration has been neither approved or rejected, please contact the club administrator of the team you have applied to register with.

Q. What is a “primary club”?

Your primary club is decided automatically based on the leagues and tournaments that your chosen teams participate in. Your primary club is used to identify which regional association you belong to. If you select more than one team when registering your primary club will be determined using the following order of precedence.

  1. University League Team
  2. Japan Cup Team
  3. Teams in all other Leagues/Tournaments

Q. How do I become a club administrator?

The initial club administrator is requested to contact the JCA. Club administrators can grant administrator access to other team members who have already registered to the club.。For those not registered as a player who wish to be a club administrator, please contact the JCA. A link for club administration will be added on the dashboard of the profile page for club administrators.

Q. How do I become a regional association administrator?

Please contact the JCA. A link for regional association administration will be added on the dashboard of the profile page for regional association administrators.

In the case of the following, please contact the JCA.

  • I can’t find the team I want to register for.
  • I’m a non-player who wants to be a club administrator or I want to give club administration access to a non-player.
  • There is a mistake in the name of my club or team.
  • I want to change, add or delete a team from my club.
  • I want to be a regional association administrator.