Wyverns Cricket Club

Regional Association: West Kanto

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Wyverns Cricket Club was established in 1990. Has produced a number of Japan National Team players since then and has been leading Japanese cricket community. Currently, Wyverns has 4 units including university men’s, university women’s, senior men’s, and senior women’s teams.

As a certified club of Waseda University, university teams have many Japan National Team players and both have grown into top-level teams of university in Japan. The senior teams have participated in all major domestic competitions hosted by Japan Cricket Association, and they have variety of players from National Team players to beginners.

Wyverns promises to provide the best experience for everyone who hopes to play cricket with fun. In order to continue to be a club which considered as “Home” for all people involved in Wyverns, will continue to inform various people the value of cricket at various levels.