Tokyo Rangers Cricket Club

Regional Association: East Kanto

  • SM
  • U15

Tokyo Rangers – a Kanto area based cricket team established in 2017. We are one of the newest club to get entry to Japan Cricket league (JCL 2 & JCL 3). Moreover, we are playing East Cup Japan Cup (T20) since 2018.

Tokyo Rangers aspires to spread so-called “The glorious game of uncertainty” in Japan! And we are welcoming new players of all nationalities. Please feel free to contact us by email.

Club Achievements

2018 East Kanto Japan Cup Semifinal (2nd in the group)

2018 Fuji 40 (JCL) Runners Up

2019 East Kanto Japan Cup Semifinal

2019 Sano 40 (JCL) Runners Up

2020 Japan Cricket league Division-3 Champion

2020 Japan Cricket league Division-2 Semifinal