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East Asia Cup Taking Place Thursday 3rd – Sunday 6th November 2016 at SICG

  • 2016-10-11
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Following the media release of 19th February 2016, the East Asia Cup between China, Japan, South Korea and the Hong Kong Sportsroad Dragons will commence on Thursday 3rd November.

The tournament will be hosted at the newly named Sano International Cricket Ground and will run for four days, culminating on the 6th November which will take place in combination with the annual Sano UK Festival.

The Final day will be a family friendly event with the opportunity to partake in small challenges and win a variety of prizes, chief among them a pair of tickets on British Airways to London.

CEO Naoki Miyaji said: “This is the centrepiece event of the year for us in Japan and we are excited to welcome the three visiting teams.

“The Dragons return again after visiting last year, but this is the first visit in 15 years for South Korea the first ever by China, so we look forward to seeing how their teams have developed.”

There will be plenty of talent on show, with Japanese expectations resting on the shoulders of Captain Masaomi Kobayashi to score the runs and the leg spin of Makoto Taniyama to provide the mystery.

Similarly Hong Kong will look to the bat of Siefried Wai while spinner Li Kai Ming will be the danger-man with the ball.

Although less is known about the Chinese and Korean players, a recent tour by Japan’s University XI to Incheon highlighted the huge hitting Yongtae Kim as a potential entertainer while Hyobeom An looks like an exciting quick bowler.

All four teams promise to be evenly matched and a hard fought tournament promises to be compelling viewing. The schedule can be found by clicking here.