Successes of Strategy (2013-2017)

Successes of Strategy (2013-2017)

A Shining Sport of Choice

Developing Cricket Hubs in Kanto

  • 【Sano】Growth as a City of Cricket with increased junior numbers (U12 & Ul5), developing coaches, hosting domestic & international tournaments, growing the Supporter Club and beginning to develop a top facility.
  • 【Akishima】Named as a City of Cricket, creation of junior club (U12 & Ul5), hosting domestic leagues and forming its own Supporter Club.
  • 【Sanmu】Working towards City of Cricket status with facility and domestic league.
  • 【Yokohama】Hosting junior and adult cricket and improving practice facilities at local club.

Establishment of Regional Associations and Tournaments

  • Targeted regions in: Hokkaido, Hokushinetsu, Kinki, Kyushu, Tohoku and Tokai with ambitions for all to compete in the T20 Japan Cup. Delegates identified, and training courses delivered.

Developing Young Players

  • Increased focus on developing junior players through special summer camps open to all.

New Tournaments, New Teams

  • The player pathway was refined and clarified so juniors can take easy steps from Under 12, through the Under 15 and Under 19 Leagues, onto club cricket, the Japan Premier League and ultimately the National Team. There has been consistent growth across all platforms.

Creation of Junior Programme

  • Establishment of Cricket Blast as a product to deliver in elementary schools as well as in the community; offering regular playing opportunities. Program running in Akishima, Sano & Yokohama.

Establishment of the East Asia Cup

  • A partnership with China, Hong Kong, Japan & South Korea was formed to promote and provide more opportunities for our Men’s and Women’s National Teams.

Production of Cricket Clothing by a Domestic Maker
New & Improved Partnerships with Overseas Cricket Organisations

  • Cricket Victoria agreement expanded to include High Performance coaches. New partnerships are; Cricket Without Borders (Melbourne) with the JCA, and Marylebone Cricket Club (London) with Sano City. Both involve young cricketers visiting Japan for 5-7 weeks.

New Website and Newsletter

  • The new JCA website was launched and there is a much increased social media presence for the JCA. A quarterly newsletter was also introduced to keep people informed.

New Office, New Staff

  • A new office allowed staff numbers to increase. Staff received more professional development.

New Independent Board Directors

  • Following the 2013 review an Independent Board of Directors was established bringing wide range of expertise and knowledge to the decision making process.

Cricket in Japan – current state and challenges

Current state
Players 3,525
Competition Base Akishima, Fuji, Kameoka, Sanmu, Sano, Sendai and Yokohama
Social Media Followers Facebook : 5,200 / Twitter : 11,000
EAP Regional Ranking Men : EAP 7th / Women : EAP 4th
● Independence of Regional Associations ● Junior Participation
● Teacher Training ● Keeping juniors in cricket
● Securing Facilities ● Awareness of cricket in general
● Increasing player numbers through modified formats ● Developing Fans
● Female Participation ● Funding/ Sponsorship