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Champions Wicket Past Winners (Men)

The Champions Wicket is held each year in Akishima in September to determine Japan Cricket's champion university.


2006 Waseda University def Keio University

2007 Keio University def Doshisha University

2008 Keio University def Aoyama Gakuin University

2009 Tokyo University of Technology def Waseda University

2010 Waseda University def Keio University

2011 Waseda University def Chuo University

2012 Waseda University def Chuo University

2013 Waseda University def Chuo University

2014 Waseda University def Chuo University

2015 Chuo University def Waseda University

2016 Chuo University def Shitennoji University

2017 Chuo University def Waseda University

2018 Waseda University def Keio University

2019 Waseda University def Chuo University

2020 Not held

2021 Doshisha University def Waseda University

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