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Men’s National Academy Announced

  • 2018-03-30
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The Men’s National Academy (U19) is as follows:

  • Max Clements (Lions Cricket Club)
  • Tushar Chaturvedi (Chiba My-Ys Cricket Club)
  • Neel Date (Chiba My-Ys Cricket Club)
  • Sora Ichiki (Akishima Aviators Cricket Club)
  • Taku Inage (Akishima Aviators Cricket Club)
  • Mohsin Jan (Tohoku Cricket Association)
  • Hirotake Kakinuma (Sano Braves)
  • Hiroto Kawano (Uenomiya Cricket Club)
  • Leon Mehlig (Lions Cricket Club)
  • Masato Morita (Akishima Aviators Cricket Club)
  • Daichi Motoyama (Uenomiya Club)*
  • Hiroto Nakamori (Uenomiya Cricket Club)
  • Shu Noguchi (Sano Braves)
  • Riku Obikane (Akishima Aviators Cricket Club)
  • Aoto Okajima (Akishima Aviators Cricket Club)
  • Ryoto Ota (Uenomiya Cricket Club)
  • Yugandhar Rethrekar (Chiba My-Ys Cricket Club)
  • Debashish Sahoo (Chiba My-Ys Cricket Club)
  • Reiji Suto (Sano Braves)
  • Kazumasa Takahashi (Sano Braves)*
  • Shotaro Takahashi (Sano Braves)
  • Kohsin Terada (Uenomiya Cricket Club)
  • Marcus Thurgate (Chiba My-Ys Cricket Club)*

*Marcus Thurgate, Kazumasa Takahashi and Daichi Motoyama have also been selected for the Men’s National Squad but will also be part of the National Academy as they are young enough to play in the Under 19 World Cup qualifying tournament.

Congratulations to all selected and good luck for the year.