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Women’s National Team For World T20 Qualifier Announced

  • 2017-03-29
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The Japan Cricket Association are delighted to announce the Women’s National Training Squad for 2017.

These 14 players also make up the official team to take part in the forthcoming Women’s World T20 Qualifier to be held in Sano from April 28th to May 5th 2017.

The players chosen are:

Miho Asama (Wyverns Cricket Club)
Rio Endo (Wyverns Cricket Club)
Hikari Ishiguro (Wyverns Cricket Club)
Kanae Ishimoto (Fuji Far East Cricket Club)
Miho Kanno (Adore Cricket Club)
Akari Kitayama (Wyverns Cricket Club)
Etsuko Kobayashi (Wyverns Cricket Club)
Shizuka Miyaji (Fuji Far East Cricket Club)
Kurumi Ota (CATS Cricket Club)
Madoka Shiraishi (Wyverns Cricket Club)
Aki Umetani (Showa University Cricket Club)
Sonia Wylde (Doshisha University Cricket Club)
Eri Yamaguchi (Fuji Far East Cricket Club)
Mai Yanagida (Wyverns Cricket Club)

Following the tournament there will be three specific training camps during the rest of the year, plus the East Asia Cup in September. More players may be added during the season depending on performances.

Congratulations to all those who have been selected and good luck for the year ahead.