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Japan National Academy 2023 Announced

  • 2023-04-12
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  • National Team (Men U19)

The following players have been named in the Japan National Academy for 2023. 

Following rain in March, the National Trials have been rescheduled for early May and players may be added to the two squads below based on performances in both the trials and the Futures League. 

Japan National Academy (Men’s U19)

  • Chihaya Arakawa (Sano Braves Cricket Club)
  • Kota Hasegawa (Uenomiya Junior and Senior High School Cricket Club)
  • Shotaro Hiratsuka (Sano Braves Cricket Club)
  • Tetsuro Kato (Acton Cricket Club)
  • Issa Katakura (Akishima Aviators Cricket Club)
  • Tomoki Kurihara (Sano Braves Cricket Club)**
  • Noah Michalski (Lions Cricket Club)**
  • Timothy Natsuki Moore (Lions Cricket Club)**
  • Ryuki Ozeki (Sano Braves Cricket Club)
  • Nihar Parmar (Tokyo Falcons Cricket Club)**
  • Aditya Amit Phadke (Alpha Quashers Cricket Club)
  • Nikhil Pol (Tokyo Falcons Cricket Club)
  • Tomo Rear (Akishima Aviators Cricket Club)**
  • Arron Regin (Tokyo Falcons Cricket Club)
  • Hayato Shimada (Uenomiya Junior and Senior High School Cricket Club)
  • Rithvik Sivakumar (Tokyo Falcons Cricket Club)
  • Kazuma Kato-Stafford (Akishima Aviators Cricket Club)
  • Aarav Tiwari (Kawasaki Knight Riders Cricket Club)
  • Jamie Urano-Fordyce (Lions Cricket Club)
  • Yuto Yageta (Sano Braves Cricket Club)
  • Max Yonekawa-Lynn (Chiba My-Ys Cricket Club)*

*First time named in squad

**Promoted from Under 15 Squad

Japan National Academy (Men’s U15)

  • Taiga William Hague (Lions Cricket Club)
  • Hugo Tani-Kelly (University of Queensland Cricket Club)*
  • Rikuto Honjo (Akishima Aviators Cricket Club)
  • Luke Kosuke Mynard (Fleet Cricket Club)*
  • Kaede Sommer (Lions Cricket Club)
  • Hashaan Muhammad (Sano Braves Cricket Club)

Congratulations to all those selected and good luck for the year ahead.

[About the Japan National Academy]

  • The Japan National Academy has a Men’s U19 category and a Men’s U15 category. Each category is a group of promising players within each age limit that take part in an annual training program. The aim of the Men’s U19 category is to build an inspirational Men’s U19 Japan National Team while the Men’s U15 category aims to develop the next generation of players. Men’s U19 Japan National Teams that play International Cricket are selected from both categories of the National Academy.