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Men’s Japan National Squad and Men’s Japan A Squad 2023 Announced (Preliminary)

  • 2023-04-12
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A preliminary squad of 11 players have been chosen as part of the Men’s Japan National Squad for 2023.

With three major tournaments potentially happening later in the year (announcements coming soon) the selectors have followed the example of 2022 and chosen a smaller squad to start the year. 

The selectors will then use the early season matches, specifically the Japan Premier League, to look at players before finalising the Men’s Japan National Squad and the Men’s Japan A Squad. 

Men’s Japan National Squad:

  • Kendel Kadowaki-Fleming (Chiba Sharks Cricket Club)
  • Kouhei Kubota (Wyverns Cricket Club / Keio University Knights Cricket Club)
  • Piyush Kumbhare (Tigers Cricket Club)
  • Wataru Miyauchi (Wyverns Cricket Club)
  • Sabaorish Ravichandran (Tigers Cricket Club)
  • Reo Sakurano (Sano Cricket Club)
  • Alexander Shirai-Patmore (Tokyo Wombats Cricket Club)
  • Declan Suzuki-McComb (Cheltenham Cricket Club)
  • Ibrahim Takahashi (Chiba Sharks Cricket Club)
  • Makoto Taniyama (MAX Cricket Club / Osaka Raiders Cricket Club)
  • Lachlan Yamamoto-Lake (Willetton Dragons Cricket Club)

Congratulations to all those selected and good luck for the year ahead.

[About the Men’s Japan National Squad]

  • The Men’s Japan National Squad is an annual training squad consisting of the top performing players. The aim of the squad is to build an inspirational Men’s National Team. Men’s Japan National Teams that play International Cricket are selected from this squad.

[About the Men’s Japan A Squad]

  • The Men’s Japan A Squad, previously the Men’s U23 category of the National Academy, is an annual training squad consisting of promising players with the potential of representing Japan. This squad aims to help such players maximise their potential.