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Women’s Japan National Squad 2023 Announced

  • 2023-04-12
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The Women’s Japan National Squad for 2023 has been chosen with 20 Japan-based players selected along with four more who are currently living overseas in Australia and England.

Ex captain Kurumi Ota has returned to the squad after a break of 6 years.

Women’s Japan National Squad

  • Ahilya Chandel (Penrith Cricket Club)
  • Ayumi Doi (Uenomiya Junior and Senior High School Cricket Club)*
  • Ayumi Fujikawa (Doshisya Cricket Club)
  • Kiyo Fujikawa (Fuji Far East Cricket Club)
  • Hinase Goto (Doshisya Cricket Club)
  • Palak Gundecha (Kawasaki Knight Riders Cricket Club)*
  • Mei Elizabeth Hague (Kawasaki Knight Riders)*
  • Haruna Iwasaki (Sendai University Cricket Club)
  • Ikuho Kakinuma (Sano Braves)*
  • Ruan Kanai (Fuji Far East Cricket Club)
  • Akari Nishimura (Sendai University Cricket Club)**
  • Shimako Kato (Gunnersbury Women’s Cricket Club)
  • Mako Munakata (University of Tsukuba)
  • Elena Kusuda-Nairn (Gold Coast District Cricket Club)
  • Yukino Nakayama (Kawasaki Knight Riders Cricket Club)
  • Ayaka Oda (Sendai University Cricket Club)*
  • Erika Oda (Kawasaki Knight Riders Cricket Club)
  • Meg Ogawa (Wyverns Cricket Club)
  • Kurumi Ota (Kawasaki Knight Riders)
  • Shrunali Ranade (Kawasaki Knight Riders Cricket Club)
  • Seika Sumi (Sendai University Cricket Club)
  • Mai Yanagida (Wyverns Cricket Club)
  • Nonoha Yasumoto (Uenomiya Junior and Senior High School Cricket Club)*
  • Minami Yoshioka (University of Tsukuba) 

*First time selected

**Formerly Akari Kano

The selectors may decide to add new players to the squad based on performances during the season, particularly in the J-BASH All-Stars and Women’s Japan Premier League.

Congratulations to all those selected and good luck for the year ahead.

[About the Women’s Japan National Squad]

  • The Women’s Japan National Squad is an annual training squad consisting of promising players. The aim of the squad is to build an inspirational Women’s National Team. Women’s Japan National Teams that play International Cricket are selected from this squad.

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