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Japan Men’s National Squad 2021 Announced

  • 2021-04-02
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Japan Men’s National Squad 2021 Announced

Simon Dart has announced his first squad as High-Performance Manager and Head Selector for the Japan National Men’s Squad. Three players come into the squad for the first time, while two others return.

Multiple Player of the Year winner Sabaorish Ravichandran, who becomes eligible this year after the recent change in the JCA eligibility criteria, brings all round quality to the group while many will be excited to see the return of Jun Yamashita after his absence last year.

The squad will work towards the Regional World Cup Qualifier to be held in Sano this October, and Dart said of his first squad:

“It’s an honour to be able to select people who are going to represent Japan in the future. I have been working towards this first squad since accepting the role last year and have watched players online and researched all the statistics, so feel well prepared despite the unfortunate loss of the trials.” 

“Any change in coaching structure brings new opportunities, but those who have missed out will still be watched closely and I hope they respond well. I have a clear plan of how I want the team to play and am confident that the squad reflects that. Now we just need to get going and I can’t wait!”

The men will come together as a squad for the first time in late April and again during the Golden Week holiday. The full list of players is below, congratulations to all:

Japan Men’s National Squad 2021

  • Neel Date (Chiba Sharks Cricket Club)
  • Sora Ichiki (Akishima Aviators Cricket Club)
  • Kendel Kadowaki-Fleming (Chiba Sharks Cricket Club)
  • Masaomi Kobayashi (MAX Cricket Club)
  • Kohei Kubota (Keio University Knights Cricket Club)
  • Piyush Kumbhare (Tigers Cricket Club)
  • Akira Kuribayashi (Osaka Raiders Cricket Club)
  • Rui Matsumura (Chiba Sharks Cricket Club)
  • Wataru Miyauchi (Wyverns Cricket Club)
  • Supun Nawarathna (MAX Cricket Club)
  • Sabaorish Ravichandran (Tigers Cricket Club)
  • Muneeb Siddique Mian (Chiba Sharks Cricket Club)
  • Tsuyoshi Takada (Chiba Sharks Cricket Club)
  • Ibrahim Takahashi (Chiba Sharks Cricket Club)
  • Makoto Taniyama (MAX Cricket Club / Osaka Raiders Cricket Club)
  • Marcus Thurgate (Chiba Sharks Cricket Club)
  • Souta Wada (Sano Cricket Club / Osaka Raiders Cricket Club)
  • Kohei Wakita (Sano Cricket Club / Osaka Raiders Cricket Club)
  • Musashi Yamamoto (Sano Cricket Club)
  • Jun Yamashita (Osaka Raiders Cricket Club)