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Japan National Academy 2020 Announced

  • 2020-04-20
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  • National Team (Men U19)

The selection committee for the Japan National Academy has confirmed today that 19 players have been chosen to form the basis of the squad for 2020.

The selectors expect a number of players to be added to the squad once the cricket season commences and more players are able to be assessed.

Japan National Academy 2020

  • Tushar Chaturvedi (Chiba My-Ys Cricket Club)
  • Ryan Drake (Mosman Cricket Club)
  • Ishaan Fartyal (Chiba My-Ys Cricket Club)
  • Jamie Fordyce (Lions Club)
  • Jonah Humphries (South Brisbane Cricket Club)
  • Leon Mehlig (Chiba My-Ys Cricket Club)
  • Masato Morita (Akishima Aviators Cricket Club)
  • Manav Natarajan (MIB Cricket Club)
  • Shu Noguchi (Sano Braves)
  • Riku Obikane (Akishima Aviators Cricket Club)
  • Aoto Okajima (Akishima Aviators Cricket Club)
  • Kento Ota-Dobell (Brown Hill Cricket Club)
  • Yugandhar Rethrekar (Chiba My-Ys Cricket Club)
  • Debashish Sahoo (Chiba My-Ys Cricket Club)
  • Kazuma Stafford (Akishima Aviators Cricket Club)
  • Reiji Suto (Sano Braves)
  • Kazumasa Takahashi (Sano Braves)
  • Shotaro Takahashi (Sano Braves)
  • Ashley Thurgate (Chiba My-Ys Cricket Club)