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Acrodea Confirmed as JCA Gold Partner

  • 2019-07-23
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The Japan Cricket Association (JCA) has signed a one year sponsorship deal with Acrodea, Inc. (Acrodea) as a JCA Gold Partner.

Acrodea produce a baseball with an inbuilt sensor and analysing tool, “i-Ball Technical Pitch”. The technology allows players and coaches to capture vital data on the speed, revolutions and the axis of rotation of the ball in flight. They plan to use the same technology to develop a similar product for Cricket.

JCA CEO Naoki Alex Miyaji said, “We are delighted to welcome Acrodea as a Gold Partner of the JCA. The partnership will contribute to the further development of Cricket in Japan. We also hope that the “i-Ball” for Cricket will not only benefit players and coaches in Japan, but will become a widely used tool to enhance performance around the world.”