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Team Announced for Women’s East Asia Cup

  • 2022-10-05
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We are delighted to announce the National Team to compete in the East Asia Cup to be held in Kaizuka, Osaka, at the end of October.

The team is the first to be selected by new Head Coach Dean Ruhode and this tournament will be the Women’s first international cricket since 2019.

Visiting Japan for the tournament is the Hong Kong Women’s team, who Japan will contest a four-match series against following the withdrawal from the tournament of China and South Korea.

Head of Cricket Operations Alan Curr said: “We could not be more excited to be hosting the East Asia Cup in west Japan for the first time. Kaizuka City is doing fantastic work to develop cricket in the region and hosting international matches at the Kaizuka Cricket Field will be an historic occasion.”

He continued: “Although it is disappointing that China and South Korea are not participating this time, we are incredibly grateful to Cricket Hong Kong and their players for keeping to the recently signed agreement.”

There will be one match per day starting on Thursday 27th October and ending on Sunday 30th October.

The team is as follows, players marked with an * are yet to play international cricket for Japan. 

  • Ahilya Chandel (Penrith Cricket Club)*
  • Ayumi Fujikawa (Doshisha University Cricket Club)*
  • Kiyo Fujikawa (Sano Braves)
  • Hinase Goto (Uenomiya Junior and Senior High School Cricket Club)*
  • Haruna Iwasaki (Sendai University Cricket Club)*
  • Ayaka Kanada (Adore Cricket Club)
  • Ruan Kanai (Sano Braves)
  • Akari Kano (Sendai University Cricket Club)
  • Shimako Kato (Spenser Cricket Club)*
  • Shizuka Miyaji (Fuji Far East Cricket Club)
  • Mako Munakata (University of Tsukuba)*
  • Erika Oda (Kawasaki Knight Riders Cricket Club)
  • Meg Ogawa (Wyverns Cricket Club)*
  • Mai Yanagida (Wyverns Cricket Club)
  • Minami Yoshioka (University of Tsukuba)* 

We wish the team all the best for the tournament and hope that the cricket community in Kansai will come out in force to support them. 


Thursday 27th October: Match 1: Japan vs Hong Kong, 11am

Friday 28th October: Match 2: Japan vs Hong Kong, 11am

Saturday 29th October: Match 3: Japan vs Hong Kong, 11am

Sunday 30th October: Match 4: Japan vs Hong Kong, 11am