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Final Japan Men’s National Squad for 2022 Announced

  • 2022-05-14
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Following the domestic tournaments and training camp that took place in late April and early May, the Japan Men’s National Squad for 2022 has been finalised.

Raheel Kano and Shogo Kimura return to the squad after absences of two and one year respectively while Under 19 World Cup star Kento Ota-Dobell is among six players who were named in the the Japan National Academy Under 23 Squad in March who have now been promoted to the full Men’s National Squad.

Raheel Kano returns to the squad after two years

The 2021 Japan Men’s Player of the Year Vinay Iyer is called into the squad for the first time, along with his MAX Cricket Club teammate Dinesh Sandaruwan.

The full list of names is below.

  • Luke Anai-Bates (Sidcup Cricket Club)*
  • Ryan Drake (Mosman Cricket Club)*
  • Vinay Iyer (Max Cricket Club / Kawasaki Knight Riders Cricket Club)**
  • Kendel Kadowaki-Fleming (Chiba Sharks Cricket Club)
  • Raheel Kano (Wyverns Cricket Club / Gunma Stars Cricket Club)
  • Shogo Kimura (Wyverns Cricket Club)
  • Kouhei Kubota (Wyverns Cricket Club / Keio University Knights Cricket Club)
  • Piyush Kumbhare (Tigers Cricket Club)
  • Muneeb Siddique Mian (Chiba Sharks Cricket Club)
  • Wataru Miyauchi (Wyverns Cricket Club)
  • Supun Nawarathna (Max Cricket Club / Tuskers Cricket Club)
  • Kento Ota-Dobell (Footscray Cricket Club)*
  • Sabaorish Ravichandran (Tigers Cricket Club)
  • Reo Sakurano (Sano Cricket Club)*
  • Dinesh Sandaruwan (MAX Cricket Club)**
  • Alexander Shirai-Patmore (Tokyo Wombats Cricket Club)
  • Declan Suzuki-McComb (Cheltenham Cricket Club)*
  • Ibrahim Takahashi (Chiba Sharks)
  • Makoto Taniyama (Sano Cricket Club / Osaka Raiders Cricket Club)
  • Marcus Thurgate (Chiba Sharks Cricket Club)
  • Souta Wada (Sano Cricket Club / Osaka Raiders Cricket Club)
  • Kouhei Wakita (Sano Cricket Club / Osaka Raiders Cricket Club)
  • Lachlan Yamamoto-Lake (Willetton Dragons Cricket Club)*
  • Jun Yamashita (Osaka Raiders Cricket Club)

We would like to congratulate all players selected and wish them luck for the year ahead.

*Promoted from National Academy Under 23 Squad

**First time to be named in a Japan National Squad